Introduction to SEOzone

Does your competition always seems to appear higher than you in Google search results? What do they know that you don't? What are they doing that you aren't? What's their secret?

It's really no secret at all. They're simply making good use of Google-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) and ─ optionally ─ Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising techniques.

For the success of your business, working with a good SEO company is as important as having a good website. Whatever type of product or service you offer, the likelihood of people finding your site and your business online is tremendously improved with effective, Google-friendly SEO.

And even though most of my clients are located here in the Berkeley / Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area, I can help your business anywhere in the United States.

Call today for a complimentary, in-depth phone consultation and analysis of your site's SEO and other aspects of your online presence. All with no pressure and no sales pitch.

Some of the Many Important Elements of Good SEO

What Is "Google-Friendly SEO"?

"Google-Friendly SEO" Means Knowing The Rules And Playing By Them

"Google-friendly SEO" simply means that all of my SEO practices and techniques fully comply with Google's rules and guidelines, as well as those of other search engines and sites.

You might wonder why any SEO company would utilize methods that violate Google's rules. The two most common reasons are that they:

  • don't know the rules

  • know the rules and try to "game" the system anyway (i.e., trick or fool Google)

Whatever you choose to call it, knowing the rules and playing by them is a must for effective, Google-friendly SEO.

How I Can Help

For a small-to-medium-size business like yours, I provide comprehensive on-site and off-site website SEO that covers all the bases, including: in-depth site evaluation; content writing and editing; image editing and compression; HTML tags and code; internal links, outbound links, and high-quality backlinks; and local business citations.

My SEO extends beyond improving your website's ranking. For example, if you have a Google My Business listing and a Yelp business listing (they're free, and every business should have both), I can improve them in multiple ways, including escalating their SEO so they appear higher in search results. Because of their importance ─ including the influence of their customer reviews ─ optimizing these two listings can provide a meaningful increase in the online visibility and reputation of your business.

And of course I do Google Ads PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, which is ─ in my opinion ─ easily the best and most effective way to spend your online advertising dollars for maximum ROI (return on investment). If you need help improving the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, give me a call.

I can do all of your SEO, or ─ for those of you who prefer to dive in and take a more hands-on approach ─ I also offer the option of teaching you how to do your own. Either way, you always know exactly what's occurring with your SEO efforts, and precisely how your money's being spent.

The Importance Of Communication

There's a "team effort" aspect to implementing the best and most effective SEO for you and your business. It's not something you should simply hand over to an SEO company and just hope for the best.

The optimal SEO process includes clear, open, ongoing communication between you and your SEO company. A good SEO company works closely with you to implement the specific facets of SEO that are most beneficial to you, and personalized for your tastes, your site, your business, and your budget. Good communication is essential in achieving the most successful SEO.

Google-Friendly SEO Improves The Search Results For Your Website And Your Business
Good SEO Requires Good Communication Between You And Your SEO Company
Are You Paying Too Much for SEO?

Choosing A Good, Honest, Ethical

SEO Company

Many SEO companies claim to be #1 (how many #1 SEO companies can there be?!), lure you in with misleading low prices and dubious marketing techniques, hide their true fees, use intimidating hard-sell tactics to talk you into overly-expensive ongoing contracts, and ─ curiously ─ show customer reviews only on their own websites.

If a local SEO company is really good, they should want you to know what their customers really say about them on independent review sites. Please read what my actual clients say about me on Google and Yelp. (Be sure to include Yelp's "filtered" reviews. And I have more very nice reviews on the way!)

Most of my clients come to me via word-of-mouth or independent online reviews because they want to work with a good local SEO company that's honest, ethical, and personal.

A Word About My Fees

SEO company fees should be upfront, clear, honest, appropriate, and personalized for the specific needs and goals of you, your site, and your business. Mine typically vary from around $3,500 to $5,500 depending upon the scope and complexity of the work involved. Those are total prices, not the ongoing payments that most SEO companies lock you into.

And my fees can cover much more than just the SEO for your website. They can include SEO for other aspects of your online presence as well, including local citations such as your Google My Business listing, Yelp business listing, and more.

I do all of the SEO myself, with no gimmicks or automated shortcuts (which are penalized by Google). I also offer payment options and flexibility to help accommodate you and your budget, so please feel free to openly discuss pricing with me.

You can learn more about my fees here.

My SEO Fees Are Upfront, With No Surprises And No Upsells
All Of My SEO Reviews Are From Actual Clients

Reviews And Contact

My clients here in the Berkeley / Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area say it best. Please read the reviews I receive on Googland Yelp.

And feel welcome to call today for a complimentary, no obligation (and no sales pitch!) phone consultation and analysis of your website and the online presence of your local small-to-medium-size business.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to working with you.

Good SEO Requires Good Communication Between You And Your SEO Company