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You might be aware that comprehensive, effective SEO requires a significant level of professional expertise and a substantial amount of highly-specialized work. You might also be aware that most SEO companies want you to pay them exorbitant fees that are far more than good SEO should cost for your small-to-medium-size business, and represent excessive profits for them at your expense.

Our SEO Fees

Other SEO companies overcharge and underdeliver. They're aware that you probably don't know how to determine their level of expertise, the quality of their work, or how much SEO should cost. 

SEO fees should depend upon the size and complexity of the project, and the quality of the SEO. Just as replacing a vehicle's brakes should cost much less than replacing the engine or transmission, SEO for a typical five-to-ten-page website should cost much less than SEO for a fifty-page e-commerce site.

Our comprehensive on-site and off-site SEO includes optimizing your website and your local citations (such as your Google Business Profile and Yelp for Business), as well as your Google Ads if you use those. We can also improve the quality of your site's content if you like. And keep in mind that any fee we quote you is an all-inclusive total price, not a recurring amount.

We openly disclose and discuss our fees and precisely what they include, unlike other SEO companies that require you to speak with their sales representatives, or that display deceptive selections of monthly and annual payments with so-called "discounted" prices that might appear to be much less expensive than ours, but actually cost far more.

We also provide a complimentary in-depth phone consultation and analysis of your website and other aspects of your company's online presence, with absolutely no obligation or sales pitch.

And we offer payment options and flexibility to help accommodate you and your budget, so feel free to discuss this with us.

Some of the SEO services we offer you and your business:

On-Site SEO

  • Add exceptional title tags

  • Add proper meta description tags

  • Add correct alt image text

  • Perform image optimization

  • Perform content editing

  • Create appropriate outbound links

  • Add accurate JSON-LD code

Off-Site SEO

  • Improve your local business citations including your Google Business Profile and your Yelp for Business

  • Build strong backlinks

Google Ads PPC

  • Set up or improve your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, targeting, scheduling, and all other parameters & variables

  • Consistently monitor and improve performance

In stark contrast to our honest and upfront approach to SEO fees, most SEO companies rely heavily on numerous pricing practices that we consider inappropriate and unethical, including:

(1) Bait-and-Switch tactics and (2) High Ongoing Payments. Both are discussed below.

(1) Bait-and-Switch:

An SEO company displays an assortment of enticingly low prices, intended only to lure you in. As they work with you, their inviting $200-$300 per month becomes $1,000 to $2,000 or more per month, depending only upon how much they can convince you to pay them.

You're nothing more to them than what's referred to as a "hot lead" (i.e., someone deemed ready to make a purchase). Their job is to reel you in and close the sale, even if it's for one of their less-expensive SEO plans, with every intent of subsequently getting you into one of their more-expensive offerings.

Here's how: As your rankings and your business don't perform as well as you might reasonably expect, you have further communications with that SEO company to discuss your concerns, and they convince you that what you really need is one of their higher-level (read: "more expensive") SEO plans. They're able to talk you into spending the additional money because they're counting on you to trust and believe them, and perhaps to be feeling a bit frustrated or even desperate.

And they don't stop there. They typically add more of the many common bait-and-switch ploys in the SEO playbook, such as the notion that SEO is all about keywords (as in "the more keywords, the better"). If you encounter any SEO company using this tactic, ask them to explain exactly where and how those additional keywords are utilized to improve your SEO. And be prepared for answers that makes no sense.

(2) High Ongoing Payments:

Most SEO companies have excessively-high fees that continue every month and every year, indefinitely. Why? Because they want you to believe that SEO always requires the same amount of effort on their part and the same investment on your part to keep it running optimally. Which is simply untrue.

In fact, the majority of SEO is typically performed in the first several months or so, depending upon the size and complexity of your site, other aspects of your online presence, and the specific elements of SEO being implemented. Subsequently, it just requires occasional routine maintenance, primarily in the form of adding some fresh content, and ─ optionally ─ building more high-quality backlinks or improving the performance of your Google Ads.

Yet most SEO companies have you paying them regularly, with the explanation that it's necessary to maintain and improve your rankings. And their rationale simply couldn't be further from the truth.

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