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A Sampling Of Google And Yelp Reviews From Some Of Our SEO Clients

Many SEO companies try to impress you by falsely claiming to be #1 and displaying so-called "reviews" that appear only on their websites, and nowhere else. If a review is legitimate, you should be able to find it on one or more major independent review sites, the two most important of which are Google and Yelp.

We don't claim to be the "#1 SEO company" (there actually isn't any such thing). And we don't use fake reviews here or anywhere. You can find all of these reviews among the many we receive on Google and Yelp (you might be aware that  unlike Google Yelp "filters" many legitimate reviews, so be sure to read those too).

(Some of the reviews included here are edited slightly for brevity and clarity, but never for meaning or intent.)

Carla M.

San Francisco, CA

Joel is one of a kind. He is patient and extremely helpful. His knowledge on SEO advertising has helped my business tremendously. He takes care of everything - he has called my web hosting company many times for me and spent hours resolving issues. He is always available when I reach out. He is one of a kind and I highly recommend his services. Joel's SEO skills have increased my sales within weeks. I trust him and have referred many other friends and clients for his services. He is professional and a web genius!! Thanks Joel!!

Luke M.

San Leandro, CA

I found Joel because I was looking for SEO help for my company’s website. Joel came through in a big way! He made it simple to grasp even for someone technologically challenged like myself. I went from being someone who knew almost nothing of SEO, to someone who can confidently and successfully perform the ever so important task of Search Engine Optimization on our website. This will save us a ton of money due to the fact that SEO companies usually charge outrageous fees. Joel's fees are very reasonable and what's more is we have actually had two fairly lengthy conversations where Joel was happy to help me with a couple of issues I was having. Joel sets himself apart from the typical money-hungry companies who couldn’t care less about you as a person and a company and are solely interested in their bottom line. Way to be Joel! The world needs more like you!

Ivan S.

Berkeley, CA

I knew that website optimization and marketing would be essential to growing my business, but I felt lost when it came to understanding how to move forward. I asked around, did some Googling, heard about Joel, and wow, did he come through for me! He was remarkably knowledgeable, friendly, and patient in showing me precisely which steps to take in order to improve my site's internet presence. And the results have really paid off! Joel is a person of honesty and integrity, and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who wants to promote their business with website optimization from a true expert.

Paula V.

Oakland, CA

We have been searching, dealing, and working with many companies and 'professionals' to improve our SEO, with absolutely no success. In fact, after dumping a good chunk of our savings hiring one of SF Bay Area's most reputable companies and their marketing team, we left two months later more than empty handed: cheated.

Our website is extremely important to our business, as it is one of the primary sources of clientele. It is also a way for us to exchange with our clients and look at some of our work. For this reason, as well as to avoid throwing away our money to people who do not care, we decided it was best for our SEO to be done by a trustworthy, caring, and capable person.

So, we finally found that person: Joel!

He cares, he is honest, he is a great guy, and he really knows SEO. He has found, shown us, and fixed numerous issues affecting our site for improved Google recognition. We feel confident now that when we need help we are sure Joel will be here to the rescue.

We highly recommend Joel, and we will work with him again and again.

Jason L.

Rohnert Park, CA

Joel has to be one of the nicest and most competent IT professionals in the SF Bay Area.

With so many rip-off SEO companies around, I was hesitant to commit money to any of them. After shopping around and calling/emailing many potential firms, I called Joel - and upon speaking with him, I knew I could stop searching, because I'd found what I was looking for. Joel's in his own league when it comes to SEO knowledge and communication skills.

He answers any and all questions thoroughly, precisely, and in language you can understand and relate to. He gives you insights and answers for questions you didn't even know you had. I was in the dark about ranking high on Google - now my business is moving up the ranks for my keywords. All this, and his prices are very reasonable.

If you want honest, effective SEO, give Joel a call. Working with him is one of the best decisions I've made for my business.

Esmeralda's 2.0

Eureka, CA

We have worked with various SEO companies throughout the years and frankly most of them were crooks. Joel's SEOzone is the type of service we were dreaming of since the beginning. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars with other companies that have only given us false hope and heartache. We started working with Joel during COVID and we are truly thankful for his patience and the efforts he places on delivering the best performance we have ever seen. We know Joel’s services are a huge contributing factor to our business’s survival during these trying times.

Lisa C.

Vallejo, CA

It's not always easy to find a professional you can trust to provide an excellent service with honesty and integrity. Joel is one of those rare people, and I can recommend him wholeheartedly. He knows his stuff and easily communicates that knowledge to his clients. He has used a lot of great strategies to improve my site's search rankings, and he makes himself easily available to answer questions. If you need expert help with SEO, Joel is a great resource.

Lowell H.

San Rafael, CA

I hired Joel instead of hiring another SEO company for the exorbitant fees they charge. I'm sure glad I did because he really knows his stuff. The cool thing is that you can see how he was able to get his own site to rank highly so you know it's not just empty promises, he actually knows what he's talking about. Joel is a really cool guy and is willing to spend the necessary time to answer questions, even over the phone. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for someone who knows SEO inside and out.

Noah O.

Oakland, CA

I have worked with Joel doing search engine optimization for my website. Joel is highly skilled at SEO, both the technical side, as well as how to present your business in the best possible way through photographs and writing. Joel helped to completely transform my website and make other needed changes to my site. He also helped optimize my Yelp and Google My Business listings. My website is already coming up higher on both Google and Yelp searches! Joel is patient, easy to work with, and even helped make my computer run faster and solved Internet and networking issues. Joel is extremely generous with his time, going above and beyond to make sure I am happy with the results. It was a great choice to work with Joel!

Laura M.

Berkeley, CA

My skin care business was at the point where I needed to invest some marketing dollars into Search Engine Optimization. Just before finding Joel, I had checked other competitors that typically had lengthy contracts, outrageous fees, and pushy salespeople. When I found Joel through a simple Google search “SEO Berkeley”, I knew that this was exactly what I needed to attract more clients. His website really spoke to me. I was really impressed that his SEO price included many extras and tips such as Google My Business listing and Yelp business listing, and social media help (Facebook and Instagram).

Joel is an excellent communicator, is extremely patient, and has a great eye for editing, detail, and design. He helped me tremendously with website page rankings and SEO. Investing my marketing dollars into SEO with Joel has been worth every penny, and has really added to my computer skills and knowledge. I highly recommend.

Tracy A.

Walnut Creek, CA

Before finding Joel I had worked with several other Internet marketing consultants. It's rare to find an individual such as Joel who has such a vast broad-based experience of Internet marketing. In our initial phone consultation not only did he provide me with numerous concrete examples of how my website needed to be updated to improve its Google page rank, but he is very pleasant and personable and really cared about my website ranking. I would give Joel my highest recommendation and will be recommending him to my friends who have business websites.

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