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Would you like to improve your online presence with Google-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising techniques to rank higher in search results and bring more customers to your website and your business?

If you're interested in growing and improving your online presence, call or email today for a complimentary phone consultation and analysis of your site's SEO and other aspects of your online presence ... with no sales pitch and no outsourcing!


How I Can Help

I can provide you with exceptional SEO without the  additional costs incurred by SEO companies that pay for a sales staff or pricey marketing campaigns.

The SEO process requires thorough understanding and focused effort. Its objective is to build a broad, positive, highly-visible Internet presence that brings more customers to your website and your business.


I can do all of your SEO or - if you prefer - teach you how to do your own. Either way, you always know exactly what's occurring with your SEO efforts, and precisely how your money's being spent.


Avoid Overpriced SEO

Many SEO companies claim to be #1, hide their prices, use sales reps to talk you into expensive contracts, and show reviews only on their websites. If a business is really good, they want you to know what their actual clients say about them on leading independent sites such as Google and Yelp.

Most of my clients come to me because they want to work with an SEO business that's honest and ethical after dealing with SEO firms that make misleading claims, charge far more, and deliver much less.


A Word About My Fees

SEO fees should be upfront, clear, and reasonable. Mine typically vary from $3,500 to $5,000 or more depending upon the scope and complexity of the work involved. (You might know my fees are very fair and appropriate, especially if you've worked with SEO companies that overcharge and underdeliver.)

I do all the SEO myself, with no gimmicks or automated shortcuts (which are penalized by Google), and no outsourcing. I also offer payment options to help accommodate you and your budget, so please feel free to openly discuss pricing with me.


Reviews And Contact

My clients say it best ... please read the reviews I receive on Google and Yelp.

And feel welcome to call or email today for a complimentary, no obligation (and no sales pitch!) phone consultation and analysis.

Thanks for your interest ... I look forward to working with you.